One of the most innovative and leading EPC contractors in the field of automation systems, high voltage substations and electrical systems of heavy industries in Turkey and the Middle East region through applying the–state-of-the art technology, increasing its share of market and powerful presence in international market.


To be recognized as a reliable and premier partner of EPC contractors and end-users through understanding the projects needs and implementation of them in due time with satisfactory quality. Focused fields are industrial automation and electrical systems, either green field or retrofit projects.


AJ Energy Automation Company has been established in Istanbul, Turkey by professional experts with a very long Background in Turnkey Projects in Industrial automation, System integration and electrical systems of various branches of Industry including cement and steel factories, power plants, oil & gas complex and high-voltage substations. The staff of the company has management experience of many projects in steel mill, cement factory, power plant and oil and gas fields for a long time, from engineering stage to commissioning, including procurement, assembly and factory and site acceptance test. There has been also very fruitful cooperation with Siemens energy sector in Erlangen, Germany in DCS of combined cycle power plants and KHD Co. (Germany) in cement plants in the past.